Relative Race: A review of the best show on television


Is somebody cutting onions in here? Oh, right.  We’re just watching Relative Race. Relative Race, BYUtv’s Amazing-Race-with-a-family-twist show, just finished its third season, and my family — from the parents down to the three-year-old — was glued the entire time. I’ll get into why this really is the best show on TV, but first, for the uninitiated, here’s the...

Tim Chaves

I'm a husband, father of four, and entrepreneur living in the beautiful state of Utah.

Things I love: spending time with my family, reading, playing the piano, watching my teams (Jazz and Cougs), exercise and fitness, writing, hiking, and huge burritos.

Things I do not love: camping, sheets coming untucked, and cold air blowing on hot food.