I’m an entrepreneur currently exploring the worlds of faith, technology, and philosophy. I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2008 and Harvard Business School in 2015.

I sit on the board of the non-profit Faith Matters Foundation and co-host its podcast.

I have a background in design and software engineering, and had way too much fun designing and building this website by hand, using Figma and Remix. Its code is open source and available on Github.

Recent work

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Faith Matters is a platform and community for exploring life’s most important questions through the lens of Mormonism.

It has been an important way for me to stay engaged in a faith community full of remarkable people despite my own failings and periods of disillusionment.

Faith Matters publishes a weekly podcast, has published four books and one online course, and holds in-person gatherings. Much more will be coming in the months and years ahead.

Those I get to work with — including my wife, Aubrey, our fellow board members and executives, and Faith Matters advisors — are among the people I look up to most.

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You’re already here! I’ve written some articles over the years and lately have been finding time to write more.

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ZipBooks is online, small business accounting software. I founded the company with a great team of people in 2015 and served as CEO.

ZipBooks was acquired in 2019 and I worked for the acquiring company until 2020.

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Class of 2015

I spent a couple of really formative years earning an MBA at Harvard Business School in Boston, graduating with distinction in 2015.

The people I met were diverse, brilliant, and dedicated to creating a better world. Many became lifelong friends.

I will always be grateful to HBS helping me launch my entrepreneurial career and introducing me to people who would be pivotal in my journey.

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Class of 2008

I graduated BYU's David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies in 2008, graduating summa cum laude and as class valedictorian.

I have a deep love for BYU and continue to associate closely with many great people there through my work at Faith Matters.

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