Hi there! I’m Tim.

I started this blog, primarily, so I can become a better person.

I’ve noticed that when I learn something, it’s often hard for me to retain it for more than a few weeks.  In one ear and out the other, you know?

I’ve noticed, though, that when I have to share a concept in some way — especially to someone who’s going to call me out for holes in logic or poorly-reasoned arguments — it goes a long way to helping me really understand and retain it.  I hope this blog can help me do that, and I hope that anyone interested in these topics will find valuable tidbits as well.

I plan to write in a few areas, most of which, as I mentioned, will center around becoming a better person.  Ethics and morality will have a prominent place, as will my own shortcomings and my attempts to overcome them.  Parenting, political philosophy, and religion may find their way here, too.

Thanks for stopping by, and reach out any time!