About me

Hi there! I’m Tim.

I’m a normal dude. Married with four kids, living in Utah. Full-time, I’m working on a startup called ZipBooks. On the side, I’m one of the folks behind Faith Matters. I went to BYU for my undergrad and Harvard for grad school.

I’m an active and practicing Latter-day Saint. Go every week, callings (yup, organist), all of that. I consider myself unorthodox in ways that I hope someday will be orthodox: I think our leaders are imperfect and make mistakes, small and big; I believe that members of the Church are the Church and thus can choose to change it; I believe that God is bigger and more loving than we can imagine, and in many ways, is incomprehensible.

I send emails when I write new posts — you can sign up for emails here if you’re interested. I also post them on Facebook, so you’ll see them if you Like or Follow on my Facebook page.

I really appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to reach out, leave comments, or otherwise get in touch.